Criminal Justice Reform

Margie understands  that reforming our criminal justice system simply can't wait any longer.  Her work in the Senate focuses on how we can bring equal and fair justice to all of our citizens.

Women's Rights

Women's rights are a critical issue facing South Carolina, as the state faces tremendous challenges with domestic violence.  Margie has been steadfast in her leadership to make our state safer and more equitable for all.


Margie knows that if we want strong and prospering communities, then we need strong public schools. She has been a tireless advocate for our students, families and teachers all across the Low Country.

Economic Development

The stunning natural beauty of the Low Country is also home to billions of our state's economy.  Margie knows how to recruit and retain new businesses that help provide our families with great jobs and a great economy.

Judge and Gavel

Criminal Justice Reform

The problems in our criminal justice system have caused many of our fellow citizens to live in fear for too long.  Margie has been working tirelessly for years to bring about substantive, positive change to the systemic racism in our criminal justice system, hold those accountable who break the law, and build better communities under the ideas of fairness and equity for all.


Women's Rights

Equal pay and access to medical care are simply the tip of the iceberg facing women today.  S.C. leads the nation in domestic violence and women being murdered by spouses.  As one of only four women in the S.C. Senate, Margie has been a critical leader to combat domestic violence while developing the kinds of resources and supports that our women need to be safe and live their lives free of fear.  

Parked School Buses


Margie knows that if we want to provide true, positive change for our state and our communities, then it all begins with providing a quality education for our students.  Education is the front line to combating issues like domestic violence, teen pregnancy and economic development.  She has been a steadfast advocate for our students and teachers and will work to improve our state's educational system that will provide all of our citizens with the foundation they need to succeed.


Economic Development

The Low Country is home to multiple billion-dollar tourism, agricultural and manufacturing industries. Margie will continue to work with bi-partisan leaders to protect the industries we currently have while also attracting new businesses, providing our communities the engines they need for their families to thrive. 


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